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As we set out on our journey to create Women's Apparel and For the Home collections of all things everyday bicycle inspired, we knew that North America was filled with talented artists. As we weren’t surprised by the talent from coast to coast, we were even more delighted to discover how Our Philosophy at Bicyclette was shared by so many artisans. We are also continually impressed with our shared commitment to collaborating and delivering creative, high quality, and unique products to our Customers.

Our carefully curated product line for women has a romantic flair, with a modern edge and while there are thousands of beautiful items in the marketplace, we are very selective to find the right artists and designs to fulfill our brand promise. We seek artists who share our creative vision, love to collaborate during the design process, and are great at balancing feedback while at the same time sharing their expertise.

Would you describe yourself as detail oriented, flexible, and time sensitive? Is leveraging environmentally sound materials a priority for you? And whenever possible, do you seek to buy your materials and craft your products in the States or the Americas? If the above resonates with you - then please, let us know more about you and your product line! If you want to learn more about our model of how we work with our artisans, please email In the end, while we may not be the right fit for every artist, we do appreciate your interest and wish you the best of luck pursuing your craft.

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