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I admit it - I had not ridden a bike for a very, very long time. And then a few years ago, I fell in love with my new cruiser bike and was hooked from that point on. After working long days in the corporate world - a bike ride was just what I needed to reconnect with myself, my community, and to feel good about doing my part to not be driving a car while being heart healthy - even if, at times, it was only for 15 minutes a day.

During this journey, we have been fortunate to find talented artisans from coast to coast who share a similar vision of sourcing locally and a commitment to the environment whenever possible..come and meet our artisans

I quickly realized, that for me, it wasn’t about the padded shorts, triathlons, or sporting spandex. It was about my cute bike with a basket and a bell, and experiencing the world around me outside of a car. I couldn’t wait to cruise around the neighborhood. Over to breakfast. To the local boutiques. With family, friends. Alone. Preferably sunny days (not hard in Scottsdale). “Going out for a ride” became synonymous with “exercise and working out”, without ever having to say it that way. Bike riding became a simple and instrumental pleasure in a very crazy, very busy life.

That’s how Bicyclette was born - out of a desire to bring the joy and the freedom of bicycles to our everyday lives...to curate a collection for discerning, stylish women that would bring a smile to our faces whenever we hit the road on our signature Bicyclettes designed and hand built right here in the USA, lit the hand poured soy wax candle, rocked the organic hemp cardigan or sent a hand screened note card to a friend to just say hello... to inspire and motivate each of us to just get out and ride. We are so happy that you stopped by - and look forward to learning more about how bicycles inspire you. Tell us about what the bike means to you on our facebook.com/mybicyclette, and subscribe to our newsletters to be the first to know about the latest happenings with our Bicyclette community. For more about Rebecca, visit her bio here.

Rebecca - Founder of Bicyclette.com

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