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Bicyclette - Women's Everyday Bicycles

Welcome to Bicyclette, a boutique lifestyle brand for women, inspired by the bicycle. With our custom designed bicycle collection for women consisting of cruisers, commuters and dutch inspired bicycles. We also feature a high quality, unique women's apparel/accessory and home/decor product line for your customers that will compliment your brand and add to your current merchandise selection.

Benefits of Becoming a Bicyclette Retailer

When you join our family of retailers, you will work directly with our Founder, have access to a unique high quality product line, and assistance with product and store displays. As a small and nimble business, we can also customize solutions to meet your needs.

Interested in a curated collection of products for your boutique, gym boutique or specialty fitness location? We’d love to learn more about how we can work together - please call Rebecca at 480.359.6073 or email her at (with your store's name, company website, name, & location) and she will be in touch with you shortly.

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